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we provide laser tattoo removal, fading and cover-ups.


Laser tattoo removal treatment is made with state of the art, q switch laser tattoo removal machine where intense burst of light energy shaters the pigment imbeded in the skin.


Our team has wide experience of the laser tattoo removal and the tattooing, we can provide you with advice on what would be best for your type of tattoo, and how many sessions would be required for your tattoo.


We offer a wide range of cover-up services, various styles are available from our tattoo artist team. We will advise you on how dark your cover-up should be for the best result.


View some of our previous projects.

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Chinese Letters


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Hand cover-up

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Celtic Symbol Tattoo

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How Tattoo's are removed

Find out about how it's done.

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    Preparing the area

    We need to prepare the tattoo being treated.This is done by applying the numbing spray and shaving the area if necessary

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    Laser treatment

    We use the Q switch laser for tattoo removal, Power and duration of pulse are adjusted to suit the skin and the tattoo

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    About the machine itself

    We use a modern,7 nanosecond type machine.Its fast pulse and modern optics ensure high quality service

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    Laser Aftercare

    2 hours afther procedure, you must remove protective film and wash the area with mild soap. Ater the first day, your should wash the area once a day,ensuring you apply a small amout of aftercare lotion afterwards

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Our Amazing Team

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Sudio Manager, Tattoo Artist

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Owner, Laser Technician

Welcome to our Studio, Our Quotes are free of charge, feel free to ask us anything. All types of tattoo cover-ups available.

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